Consulting, Awareness raising, Softwares

Consulting & Audit

Support for your projects and systems

We offer our support with your projects and systems.

Why is it necessary?

  1. Your infrastructure has evolved over time and has adapted to your needs. But does this adaptation take security into account?
  2. You are planning a new software or IT solution, but have you taken security into account?

We will try our best to answer your security needs, whether it is just a state of play and/or advice for improvement.

Awareness raising

It is important to convey security

Through our awareness raising programme and conferences, we promote computer security not as a product but as a state of mind.

Why is it necessary?

  1. Users usually think they are safe in their company’s network or at home, but they are not.
  2. Users think they are safe as long as they are not administrators or because they have an antivirus software, but they are not.

Our vision is to provide a hacking experience to the users before raising awareness so that they really understand the training. We approach the presentation from a hacker’s point of view: this way the users get a grasp of all the means possibly used by the hacker.

OtpOne products


OtpOne Everywhere software and API

We offer a solution for authentication, validation, protection, and digitalization in one software easy to use.

Why is it necessary?

  1. How many passwords do you use to handle your files and your applications?
  2. Is protecting a sensitive file with a password really safe? Can you actually track your sensitive files?
  3. How can you easily share a sensitive file without a key exchange, certificates, or a password?
  4. Do you always have a scanner or a printer nearby to sign – or make someone sign – a document?

Our OtpOne Everywhere solution (software API) answers positively to all these questions by providing a complete and versatile tool that allows protecting sensitive files without any password, sharing them easily, and signing and scanning documents on your mobile phone.

Protect your files from hacking and data theft with the OtpOne Everywhere software. You will be able to encrypt your documents easily, control who can access them, when and where, using a strong authentication along with the file tracking feature on your mobile phone.

Digitize your documents quickly and easily: the OtpOne Everywhere application allows you to scan a picture, a document or your signature from your mobile phone directly into your computer.

No more password needed, gain in time guaranteed!



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2822 Courroux | Suisse

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Our company is located in the Swiss canton of Jura, near Basel and Bienne and just a few steps away from the French border.

We want to develop cybersecurity beyond our head office and across the borders. Hackers do not confine themselves to a country or a type of business – cybersecurity must do the same and become a prerequisite in all projects and homes, organizations or companies, no matter what size they are or what their goal is.

NextDay.Vision is about creating applications and components for developers. We support companies throughout their digitalization process and help them solve their computer security issues.

We offer innovative solutions – software and API – for identification, strong authentication, workflow validation, as well as the protection of sensitive files with strong identification and encryption. We are also developing an innovative communication platform and an API to facilitate the creation of secured communications for the development of applications for business and the IoT.

Our products are available for small, medium and large companies, and as an API to integrate security in your applications and processes.

We also organize conferences and awareness-raising seminars about cybersecurity, as well as specific training for Windows systems hacking. We help clients as external consultants and through IT partners that wish to develop and improve their computer security and/or their clients’ security.