"A better security without a password."

Turnkey solution, OtpOne API

A better security without a password

Plugins et applications security

Secure your files, WordPress login, KeePass databases and systems with our plugins and applications.

Integration without programming

Add security and digitalization without programming with Zapier and Microsoft Flow and our OtpOne API

Authentication in 1 click 

A security key, a mobile phone, a company certificate, facial recognition, all of these can be easily integrated to your application to replace the password.


Validate workflows of your enterprise application with a handwritten signature on your mobile.

Easy integration

Replace the password on all platforms, in all languages, using our cloud or on-premise web API.
Easy integration, in just a few lines of code, on your web application or PC.

Security Consulting & Audit, Sensitization

Consulting & Audit

Support for your projects and systems

We support you with your projects and systems.

Why is it necessary?

  1. Your infrastructure has evolved over time and adapted to your needs. But does this adaptation take into account safety?
  2. Are you planning a new software or IT solution, have you taken security into account?

We will do our best to fulfill meet your security needs whether they are an inventory and/or advice for improvement.


Conveying security is important

Through awareness and conferences, we transmit IT security not as a product, but as a state of mind.

Why is it necessary?

  1. Users think they are safe in the company network or at home, this is not true.
  2. Users think they are safe because they are not administrators or because they have an anti-virus, this is not true.

Our vision is to provide users with a hacking experience before awareness raising, so that they feel affected by the training. Guidance is a presentation from a pirate’s point of view so that users understand the possible means implemented by a pirate.


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2822 Courroux | Suisse

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Our company is located in the Swiss Jura, near Basel and Biel and a few steps from the French border.
We want to develop IT security beyond the Swiss Jura and beyond its borders. Hackers do not confine themselves to a country or a type of society, IT security must do the same and become a prerequisite in all projects and in all homes, associations or companies, regardless of their size or purpose.
NextDay.vision is focused on creating applications and components for developers.
The company supports companies to facilitate digitisation and solve IT security problems.
We offer innovative solutions, software and APIs, for identification, strong authentication, flow validation, mobile document reception and protection of sensitive documents with strong identification and encryption.
We are also developing an innovative communication platform and API to facilitate the creation of secure communications within application development for industry and IOT.
Our products are available for small, medium and large companies, as well as in PLCs to integrate security into your applications and processes.
We also offer conferences and user awareness on cybersecurity, as well as specific training on hacking into Windows systems. We act as external consultants to clients and through IT partners who wish to develop and improve their IT security and/or that of their clients.

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